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PFC Cherno More Varna


  PFC Cherno More Varna

    Founded on 3 March 1913




1909                             -  Football Club “Sportist” was founded

3 March 1913               - Touristic and Sports organisation “Galata” was founded.

18 May 1913                 - TSO "Galata" changed name to TSO “Reka Ticha”

24 May 1914                 - FC “Sportist” and TSO “Reka Ticha” merged under

                                    the name “Kamchia” but a month later was renamed

                                    SC “Ticha” due to the already existing registration

1 May 1921                   - SC “Granit” split from SC “Ticha” and

                                    changed its name to SC “Vladislav”    

18 February 1945         - SC “Ticha” and SC “Vladislav” merged under the name


1947                             -  Tennis Club “Primorets” also joined and

                                   the club changed its name to SC “TVP”

15 October 1948           - SC "TVP" was brought under the authority of the

                                   Ministry of Defence and its name changed to “Botev”

1951                             - "Botev" changed name to “VMS" (= Bulgarian navy)

1956                             -  "VMS" changed name to “SKNA”

                                    (= Sports Club of the Peoples’ Army)

1957                             -  the name of "SKNA" was reverted back to ASK “Botev”

                                    (ASK = Sports Club of the Army)

1959                             -  ASK “Botev” merged with FD "Cherno More" which had

                                   recently been formed from a previous merger (1957)

                                    between DSOs "Lokomotiv" and "Korabostroitel" and played

                                    in Group "B". The name "Cherno More" stayed even after

                                   "Lokomotiv" and "Korabostroitel" resumed their activities as

                                    separate clubs in 1962

1969                            -  FD "Cherno More" changed name to FSFD “Cherno More”

1985                            -  FSFD “Cherno More” changed name to FC "Cherno More"

1998                            -  FC "Cherno More" changed name to PFC “Cherno More”