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PFC "Slavia 1913" Sofia



   PFK “Slavia 1913” Sofia

     Founded on 10 April 1913


1910      - a sandlot football club “Botev” and athletic club

            “Razvitie” were founded

1913      - “Botev” and “Razvitie” merged under the name

            Sports Club “Slavia”

1913-1945 - SC “Slavia” shared collective membership with SC

           “Karavelov” and SC “Benkovski"

1935      - SC “Slavia” merged with SC “Nashe ognishte”

1945-1949 - SC "Slavia" was renamed SC “Slavia’45” after a merger

            with SC “Bulgaria” and SC “Bezhanets”

1949-1951 - SC “Slavia’45” changed name to Voluntary sports organisation

           (DSO) “Stroitel” on 11 September 1949. DSO “Stroitel”

            existed until 1954 after which it was dissolved due to lack

            of finances.

1951-1957 - DSO “Udarnik” was created under the Construction department

            of the Ministry of Defense. DSO “Udarnik” and DSO

           “Stroitel” co-existed until 1954. In 1957, DSO “Udarnik” was

            pronounced the successor of DSO “Stroitel”

1957-1969 - DSO "Udarnik" was renamed DFS “Slavia” and merged with

           DSO "Zavod 12"

1969-1971 - DFS "Slavia" was renamed ZhSK “Slavia” after merger with

            DFS “Lokomotiv” (1926)

1971-1985 - ZhSK "Slavia" was renamed DFS “Slavia” after a split

            with “Lokomotiv”

1985-1998 - DFS "Slavia" was renamed FC “Slavia”

1998-     - FC "Slavia" was renamed PFC “Slavia 1913”