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ПФК "Пирин" Благоевград


     OFC Pirin Blagoevgrad

        Founded in 1923






1923                 -   SC “Ticha” was founded in Blagoevgrad

1934                 -   SC “Levski” and SC “Ticha” merged under the name “Botev”

1946                 -   SC “Botev” merged with SC “Makedonska slava” under the name

                        FD “Yulii Dermendjiev”

1949-1957         -   in this period of time seven DSOs were founded, the highest

                        ranking of which was DSO “Cherveno zname” in the 2nd level

                        (Group “B”). For some time, all 7 of them merged in one DSO

                        which participated in the competition under the name


1957                 -   the club changed its name to DFS “Botev”

1970                 -   the name changed to DFS “Pirin”

2009                 -   after being relegated in the third level, the club merged

                        with the Group “A” team “Pirin Blagoevgrad” (founded 2002)

2011                 -   the club went bankrupt and a new team by the name OFC “Pirin”

                        was established. To avoid restart from the amateur league,

                        OFC “Pirin” bought the license of FC “Perun” Kresna which 

                        played in the 3d level at that time