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FC Dunav 2010 Ruse


                 FC Dunav 2010  Ruse

          Founded on 16 February 1949

                   Reestablished  in 2011




16/02/1946               - Voluntary Sports Organisation “Torpedo” was founded

                                 after the merger of 3 VSO’s : “Lokomotiv”, “Dinamo” and


1957                          - The club was renamed “Dunav”

1997                          - The club was renamed “Dunav-Rakovski” after a merger

                                  with “Rakovski” Ruse

1998                          - The club merged with FC “Prista” Sredna Kula and was

                                   renamed “Dunav 98”

1999                          - After a merger with the newly formed OFC “Dunav’56” ,

                                  PFC “Dunav” was formed

2003                          - PFC “Dunav” merged with “Lokomotiv 2001” and “Levski

                                  2000” and changed its name to FC “Dunav”

2011                          - FC “Dunav” went into insolvency and discontinued its

                                  activities. A new club FC “Dunav 2010” was formed with a

                                  new legal registration. This club was seen as the successor

                                  of all Russe clubs in the past.