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PFC “Levski” Sofia


     PFC “Levski” Sofia

      Founded on 24 May 1914





24 May 1914                 - SSFC “Levski” was founded in Sofia

                                      (SSFC = Sofia Sports and Football Club)

25 December 1934       - the name was changed to SC “Levski”

27 August 1944            - SC “Levski” merged with Postal Sports club “150”

                                       (which was formerly named PSC “Prince Kiril”) and

                                      the club was renamed Postal Sports club “Levski’45”

29 September 1949      - PSC "Levski'45" merged with DSO “Prodovolstvenik”

                                      and changed its name to DSO “Dinamo”

19 April 1957               - DSO “Dinamo” was renamed FD “Levski”

22 January 1969          - FD “Levski” merged with city rivals “Spartak” and

                                     “Sportist” Kremikovci and was renamed DFS “Levski-Spartak”.

21 June 1985               - the football club of "Levski-Spartak" was disbanded following

                                     a decree from the Central committee of the Bulgarian

                                     Communist Party, because of events which were described

                                     as incompatible with the socialist morals after a brawl on

                                     the pitch during the Soviet Army Cup final of 16 June 1985.

17 July 1985               - FC “Vitosha” was founded as a successor of FC “Levski- 


17 November 1989     - the name FC "Vitosha" changed again to FC “Levski-Spartak”

30 January 1990         - FC "Levski-Spartak" changed name to FC “Levski”.

                                      (FC “Spartak” Sofia resumed activities in 2001)

6 March 1992               - FC "Levski" changed name to FC “Levski 1914”

10 March 1998             - the name changed one last time to PFC “Levski” Sofia