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PFC CSKA - Sofia


PFC CSKA - Sofia

Founded in 1921



1921 - SC “Hisarya” was founded

1925 - SC “Hisarya” merged with SC “Slava” under the name SC “Todor Kirkov”

1929 - SC “Todor Kirkov” merged with SC “Pobeda” under the name “Pobeda-Kirkov”

1946 - "Pobeda-Kirkov" changed name to “Kirkov-Yunak” after another merger

          this time with SC “Yunak”

1948 - SC "Yunak" changed name to FD “Hristo Karpachev”

1949 - FD "Hristo Karpachev" was dissolved and 7 DSOs were established

1957 - all the DSOs merged back to the previous name FD “Hristo Karpachev”

1979 - FD "Hristo Karpachev" changed name to DFS “Osem”

1991 - DFS "Osem" changed name to FC “LEKS”

1996 - FC "LEKS" changed name to FC “Litex”

1999 - FC "Litex" changed name to PFC “Lovech”

2001 - PFC "Lovech" changed name to PFC “Litex”

2016 - PFC “Litex” was bought by FC “Chavdar” Etropole, then moved to Sofia

         and took the name PFC "CSKA - Sofia"