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PFC "Lokomotiv 1926" Plovdiv


    PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv

      Founded on 25 July 1926



1922               -  SK “Karadzha” was founded

25/7/1926      -  SK “Karadza” merged with SK “Athletic” (est. 1924) and the club

                       was renamed “Sportclub”    

1945               -  “Sportclub” merged with SC “Petar Parchevich” (est.1925) and

                       SC “Erevan”(1945) under the name “Sportclub–Pachevich’45”

1946               -  the club was renamed SC “Slavia”

1947               -  SC “Slavia” merged with SC “Petar Chengelov” (est. 1945) and

                        changed its name to “Slavia – Chengelov’47”

5/10/1949      -  the name of the club changed to DSO “Energia” after a merger

                        with AC “Lokomotiv” (est. 1935)

8/10/1949      -  the club was renamed DSO “Torpedo”

1951              -  the club was renamed DSO “Lokomotiv”

1957              -  DSO “Lokomotiv” merged with DSO “Septemvri” and DSO

                      “Torpedo” (est. 1951) under the name DFS “Lokomotiv” (DFS

                      stands for Governmental Athletic Club). In 1962 DSO “Maritsa”

                      Plovdiv (est. 1921) joined the club

1985               -  FC “Lokomotiv”

1998               -  PFC “Lokomotiv”

2001               -  PFC “Lokomotiv” which played in Group “B” at the time was

                      dissolved after the Group “A” club PFC “Velbazhd” Kyustendil

                      moved to Plovdiv and changed its name to PFC “Lokomotiv 1936”

2011               -  the name changed to PFC “Lokomotiv 1926”