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PFC Neftochimic Burgas

     PFC Neftochimic Burgas

    Founded in 1962 





1962        -    A workers’ team under the name “Stroitel” was founded

1964        -    The name was changed to “Neftochimik”

1969        -    After a merger with local rivals “Chernomoretz”, the

                 club actually seized to exist. A still functioning workers’

                 team of the Oil refinery kept competing in the lower levels.

6 May 1981  -    The workers’ team merged with “Lokomotiv” Burgas

                 (founded in 1932) under the name DFS “Neftochimik”

1986        -    The name of the club changed to FC “Neftochimik”

2002        -    The name changed one more time to FC “Naftex”

3 July 2009 -    The club went bankrupt and its professional license

                 was sold to FC “Chernomoretz” Pomorie

6 July 2009 -    Recently formed FC “Atletic” Burgas changed its name to

                 FC “Neftochimik 1986”

2011        -    The club took a professional license and changed

                 its name to PFC “Neftochimik 1962”

27 June 2014-     The club went bankrupt and was dissolved. A new team

                 was formed starting in the lowest level of the competition.

                 A few months later, this club merged with FC “Burgas”

                 which was competing in Group “B”.

2015        -    The club changed its name to PFC “Neftochimik”